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Fredericksburg Electrical Inspections

Ensuring the Safety of Electrical Systems

An electrical inspection for a system that seems to be working fine is not generally at the top of anyone’s to-do list. However, inspections are crucial for maintaining a safe, long-lasting system. Without regular inspections, there is no way of knowing whether your panels, switches, circuit breakers, outlets, wiring, or lighting, is beginning to malfunction or become overloaded. At Big Dogs Electric, we offer quality electrical inspections in Fredericksburg and can make sure everything is working safely and properly.

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An electrical inspection of your Fredericksburg home may seem like another major task on your to-do list, but it offers many benefits:

The ability to ensure the safety of your relatives, neighbors, and guests from preventable and dangerous electrical situations

Higher energy efficiency provided by electrical equipment and devices that work properly, resulting in lowered energy bills

More comfort and convenience due to the confidence that your lighting, internet, home appliances, and HVAC systems will work reliably

Increased home value if you are putting it on the market, or assurance that a new house is fully protected if you are planning to buy it

About Electrical Inspections

What Is Involved in a Thorough Electrical Inspection?

A professional Fredericksburg electrical inspector will carefully examine whether:

  • Electrical panels are overloaded and must be upgraded for a higher level of amperage
  • Wiring has become frayed, damaged, or cut
  • Lighting systems are safe, functional, and up to date
  • Old, unsafe aluminum wiring, which is more prone to fire, must be replaced
  • Outlets and switches are all working correctly and are not overheating or sparking
  • Circuit breakers are functioning as they should to stop sudden surges
  • All connections are tightly affixed and there are no loose or wiggly areas
  • Lightbulb wattage is appropriate and safe for your designated systems

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It is always key to have a team of qualified, licensed technicians perform your full electrical inspection. If any component is missed, it could create major problems later on. By scheduling a dedicated inspection now, you can avoid a dangerous electrical emergency later, so do not hesitate to arrange an appointment with our team at Big Dogs Electric.

Remember, you should arrange to have these inspections on a regular basis, whether your house is quite old or if it has been newly constructed. If you have not had an inspection within the last five years, speak to our experts as quickly as possible. Our comprehensive Fredericksburg electrical inspections can keep you safe and secure.


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